Board Games To Play At Home For Adults

Every adult is a kid by heart, its either studies or hectic work life that has made them hid their notorious side of them somewhere in the heart. But its family and friends understand you even without telling what you feel or what you want and that is the most special thing about them. And to appreciate it, as an adult its your duty to make them feel happy just by being there for them, spending quality time is what friends  desire for and the best way to spend time with friends is by playing and to give you a great gaming experience we have come up with a list of best games to play at home for adults. Take a look below;


Considered to be one of the best drinking board games, it is most played one. Drinking-A-Palooza comprises or beer pong, quarters and cards making a combination of all the drinking games into a single one making it an ultimate party game for adults keeping them entertained overnight. It permits 2 to 12 players to play at once.

Wizards of the coast betrayal at house on the hill

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Wanting to play something unusual spooky game, wizards of the coast betrayal at house on the hill is the one for you then. It is a scary game that lets up to 6 players to play while letting them explore a weirdly designed mansion. Take a deep breath before you begin with the game as at it each step you can sense fear that keep increasing as you keep going ahead with the game.

Cards Against Humanity

Every person needs a good reason that permits them to bring out their darker side letting out all their frustration and you too might be fun of them and so playing cards against humanity will give you the perfect reason to show your meanest, darkest side. The game can be played with maximum of 10 people where in each will be taking turns filling the blanks, creating hilarious stories or answering questions.


Sequence, a fun filled strategy game that can be played by 2 individuals or a team of 2 consisting of up to 3 players each. Sequence is one of the easiest games to understand as well as to play so do not have to look for the rule book again and again. It is combination of both, a card game and a board game that is thoroughly enjoyable.

I’m sure the above listed games must have already triggered you to play, so go for it! To know more games to play at home for adults, stay tuned. Thank you for reading.

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