Celebrate Pac-Man’s 40th Anniversary With the Tamagotchi Crossover Event!

It’s not every day you turn 40! In the case of our favorite disc-shaped arcade character, Pac-Man, the little guy is celebrating that milestone this year in May. And of course, such a momentous occasion can’t come without its fair share of celebration. Some people get cake and a party, others go for drinks and merrymaking at the local pub, but Pac-Man gets a crossover event with what could be the most popular virtual pet ever, Tamagotchi.

Pac-Man’s 40th anniversary kicked off with an awesome music video in homage to our dot eating hero. The song is actually quite good so we suggest that you take a look & a listen if you haven’t already. For your convenience, we’ve embedded it below.

However, in what has to be the biggest announcement in the year of Pac-Man, so far, Bandai Namco announced a collaboration with Tamagotchi to create an all-new and massive virtual pet experience for all the Tama-Lovers around the globe. This new toy is shaped just like the regular Tamagotchi toys we all know and love, but stars a very familiar character, Pac-Man!

The new Pac-Man Tamagotchi is currently available for preorder on any major online marketplace like Amazon, as well as in many toy stores around the world. Preorders will run from February 5, up to the device’s global launch on March 15. On Tamagotchi’s website, the folks describe the new virtual pet like so:

PAC-MAN Tamagotchi Features:

  • Raise and nurture your Tamagotchi character with the help of PAC-MAN
  • PAC-MAN will save your Tamagotchi character from the ghosts and bugs
  • Feed your Tamagotchi rice or PAC-MAN’s favorite, cherries
  • Raise your Tamagotchi character from egg to baby to adult
  • 7 adults included, which is determined by how you take care of your PAC-MAN Tamagotchi character
  • Two fun mini-games: play the Pac Game and the Catch Game!
  • Two different shell styles to choose from
  • Two PAC-MAN mazes to choose from; yellow and black
  • Age grade: 8+
  • Battery (LR44) included
  • No WiFi needed

So basically, it’s going to be just like the Tamagotchis we all know and love, but with Pac-Man instead of the usual lovable monsters. Furthermore, instead of the usual minigames that you use for training your Tamagotchi, you’ll be able to play both a Catch game and an adaptation of the classic Pac-Man game. In this sense, you’re not only getting a Tamagotchi game with this version, but you’re also getting another way to play Pac-Man on the go, while also nurturing and growing your own virtual pet.


This new Pac-Man Tamagotchi device is just the beginning of the year-long anniversary that Bandai Namco will be celebrating through 2020. In fact, the company’s website currently features a ton of information about the current state of affairs regarding the celebration, including awesome seasonal merchandise, board games, limited-edition arcade games, and much more. Be sure to give them a visit if you want to learn more about what this year has in store for fans all us Pac-Man fans around the world.

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