Celebrating Pac-Man’s 40th Anniversary With Awesome Limited-Edition Merch

It seems like yesterday when Pac-Man came into our lives and completely revolutionized the gaming industry with its simple yet addictive gameplay. Alas, 1980 was 40 years ago, where the game quickly became a timeless symbol of retro gaming, maintaining it’s “cult status” ever since. In fact, many people still play the game competitively, showing off their skills by reaching the infamous kill screen, and even taking on new and exciting custom challenges to add some diversity to the classic gameplay.

Not every piece of media can last for four decades and still have a committed fanbase to keep it alive, and much less so with the ardent commitment that Pac-Man fans do. Nevertheless, this game has proved it can stand the test of time as, with its 40th anniversary, there are plenty of limited-edition goodies and merchandise being released by several manufacturers. And if you’re one of these die-hard Pac-Man fans, you definitely won’t want to miss out on them.

Limited-Edition 40th Anniversary Pac-Man Quarter Arcade Cabinet

Starting off with what could be one of the coolest takes of a Pac-Man arcade cabinet, the limited-edition Pac-Man 40th Anniversary Quarter Arcade is the cherry that goes on top of any fan’s collection. Signed by Pac-Man creator Toru Iwatani himself, this cabinet is a replica of the original arcade game, but at a scale of 1/4. The item is only 16.92” tall by 8.27” deep, and features an awesome design inspired by the occasion. 


Despite its small size, this quarter arcade version of Pac-Man is fully-playable and features the same controls as its full-sized counterpart. However, since only 256 of these are being made, one for each level of the original Pac-Man game before reaching the dreaded kill screen, they command a hefty price of $349. This is a lot of money, considering that it’s a miniature version of an arcade cabinet. Nevertheless, it’s a Pac-Man collector’s endgame since it has its own unique numbered plaque and is signed by The Man himself. 

Fortunately, for those who simply want the collectible and don’t care too much for the extra perks, there is also a standard version of the quarter arcade, which goes for $149.99. The standard version is exactly the same as its premium counterpart sans Iwatani’s signature and the numbered plaque.

Limited-Edition Pac-Man Merchandise by Numskull

Numskull is an awesome company that specializes in designing and manufacturing licensed video game merchandise, and that will be creating some awesome pieces for this specific occasion. The team will be creating various items including mugs, socks, keyrings, pins, and much more.

They will be producing these limited-edition items in sets, though you can also purchase some of them individually. These sets include the following:



  • Pac-Man Arcade Pin Badge Set: Contains 9 awesome Pac-Man metal pins with a glossy finish, which you can attach anywhere. The pins come packaged in a box shaped like the original arcade cabinet, which you can also keep as a collectible.



  • Pac-Man Loot Box Collector’s Set: A pack that contains several items including a Pac-Man mug, 5 silicone coasters, a bottle opener, and five metallic pins. Though the latter aren’t as shiny nor pretty as the ones from the pin badge set, they’re still quite excellent.



  • Pac-Man 40th Anniversary Pin Badge Set: Like the set we mentioned above, this pack includes nine metallic pins with a glossy finish. However, this time, they’re designed with the anniversary motif in mind. Though not quite as reminiscent of the original game as the ones from the previous pack, this set of pins is awesome for those who want to commemorate the occasion.



  • Pac-Man 40th Anniversary Socks Pack: A pack containing three pairs of socks with a design celebrating the 40-year anniversary of Pac-Man.



  • Pac-Man 40th Anniversary Gift Set: This set contains a pair of socks that are unlike any of the three sold in the previous pack, a ceramic mug, and a pair of spinner keyrings, all of which have an anniversary motif to them.


Some of the items you can purchase separately include a Pac-Man doormat, a drawstring bag, a different coffee mug, and a Pac-Man “ugly” sweater, just in time for Christmas! The prices of these collectibles vary per pack, though none of them go over the price of $30. You can consult the price and availability of all of these items and packs on Numskull’s website.

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