Jelly Key – Arcade-Themed Jewelry for Your Keyboard

Using your free time to catch up on your favorite retro games is one thing, but taking your retro games with you to the office is a completely different matter, especially if you combine arcade gaming goodness with your work paraphernalia. This is exactly what the folks at Jelly Key are doing with their artisan keycap products for your mechanical keyboards.

Jelly Key is a group that specializes in creating premium artisan custom keycap products for keyboards, with some of the most complex and intricate designs we’ve ever seen. All of their products are completely handmade with painstaking attention to detail with the purpose of, in their own words, bringing out the sense of nostalgia associated with the images in the keycaps that they create. In this case, their latest collection is called the “Retro TV Series” and consists of keycaps modeled in the likenesses of retro and arcade classics such as Pac-Man, DOOM, Tetris, and Duck Hunter, among a few others.

However, instead of simply painting over the standard keyboard caps with their unique designs, the team went one step further and completely recreated miniature versions of the arcade classic cabinets, even going as far as adding the controls including movable joysticks and pushable buttons, as well as 3D sculptures encased within the small screens that depict iconic scenes of the games in question. Keep in mind that none of their creations are made using vinyl, printed graphics, or any other types of shortcuts; it’s all made by hand, down to the smallest elements within the small screen. 


Sadly, the keycaps, while featuring movable parts and many awesome elements reminiscent of a standard arcade cabinet, are not playable, although can you imagine if they were? Picture yourself playing a Pac-Man match on a cabinet the size of your F1 key; what would add an entirely different layer of difficulty to the game!

It’s this very level of detail combined with the handmade production method that makes Jelly Key’s products so desirable. Furthermore, once the group-buy phase for a series has closed, the company never repeats it again. In other words, once they finish a batch of keycaps, they will never work on that series again, and will instead move onto the next project. The group-buy phase for the Retro TV Series closed on May 2, which means that the team is likely hard at work at producing the keycaps as we’re writing this article.

Sadly, if you missed this sale, you’re out of luck when it comes to getting your very own arcade keycap. But don’t worry, the folks at Jelly Keys are always coming up with concepts for new and exciting keycaps. In this sense, while you may have come too late to snag a key from the Retro TV Series, you will likely find a wide variety of bling for your mechanical keyboards in the future!

If you want to stay on top of their new products and get notified of updates from Jelly Keys, we recommend following them online via their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages, or by subscribing to their newsletter on their website.

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