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As the world slowly crawls back to normal, some states/provinces/cities are allowing amusement-focused venues to re-open their doors. Even for locations that are unable to open as early as others, eventually the stay-at-home restrictions will be lifted and you will be able to do business again. That said, how will customers react? What can you do to keep them safe? These are questions that every operator has been grappling with in how we not only seek ways to survive, but to bring customers back again.

Overall, you will need to plan to operate with fewer customers coming into the venue. Here is a helpful video from IAAPA and Hownd that discusses some of these challenges:

IAAPA has also posted this document that deals with the considerations that attractions-based businesses need to take into account. We also have this helpful post from LAI Games, has also posted these Top 10 room renovation tips for re-opening your business. Give it a read!

You likely have already heard about the different Small Business programs passed by the Federal Government, opening up assistance to those directly affected by the pandemic. The Small Business Administration (SBA) has put together a website to detail the different programs, along with eligibility requirements. The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) is the one that most businesses have opted for, and is handled through your local banking institution as opposed to the SBA direct.

For being more focused on the Amusement Industry, trade organizations have also issued some helpful resources that you can access for free to assist you in the re-opening process. These include webinars where industry experts proffer advice on dealing with a variety of situations,

COVID-19 Resources  РAAMA

COVID-19 Resources – AMOA

COVID-19 Resources – IAAPA

From these resources, we also suggest checking out the Safety Flyers created by the AMOA. There is a poster, flyer and badge that can be posted around your venue; The badges can be placed on individual games to highlight the disinfecting measures. Direct links:

Safety Sticker/Badge [PDF]

Safety Flyer [PDF]

Safety Poster [PDF]

If you are looking for great products that will provide the biggest bang for the buck, especially now as you re-open, then contact us and we can discuss how to help you hit the ground running again! Financing options are also available, which can help you keep your cash and keep operations running smoothly.

If you are in the unfortunate circumstance of needing to close, then we can also discuss the situation, where we might be able to help you in selling your existing equipment.

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