The Fanciest Arcade Gaming Furniture You’ve Ever Seen!

If you’re a gaming enthusiast, odds are that you own a few consoles here and there, or perhaps a PC. These are commonplace items to find in any gaming “arsenal” as it were. However, things are a bit different if you’re an arcade fan. Sure, while there are more home arcade options than ever nowadays, you really can’t beat the real thing of having a traditional cabinet with retro controls. Sadly, unless you’re an awesome interior designer and plan your home decor around your cabinets, odds are that your machines will stick out and look out of place.

Sure, this isn’t a problem if you have a dedicated gaming room. However, the rest of us without space in our homes are out of look. But what if you could, somehow, find the middle ground between gaming goodness and presentable interiors? The folks at Love Hulten are making this a reality with their awesome custom-made gaming furniture.

Introducing Love Hultén

Love Hultén is actually a Swedish artist and designer who, from his own studio in Sweden, takes the joy of retro gaming and adds in his own brand of carpentry wizardry to create some of the most amazing gaming furniture and decoration we’ve seen. And by “gaming furniture,” we mean objects that you can put in your home to embellish your interiors, while also doubling as gaming items, or even arcade cabinets.


Love’s designs can be as inconspicuous as a regular coffee table that, under the hood, hides a pair of arcade controllers that you can wirelessly connect to any compatible gaming system. Alternatively, he also creates custom decorative shelves that, once you pop the top off, fold out into full arcade cabinets.

One of his creations, specifically the R-Kaid-R, has even been featured in Jimmy Falon’s The Tonight Show:

Love handles all sorts of custom commissions, though he doesn’t keep record of past creations. In this sense, every single one of his products are completely custom-made from scratch which, understandably, means they command a somewhat hefty fee—kind of what you’d pay for a regular arcade cabinet. On the flipside, his products come jam-packed with all sorts of different games and not just the intended arcade title. From MAME to Atari; Sega and SNES, these products definitely give you the most bang for your buck.

Though they don’t quite have the same feel as the original, especially if you’re a collector, Love’s products are great for gamers who also have an eye for interior design. However, he also offers products for gamers on the go. In fact, the R-Kaid-R that was displayed above is a portable gaming device that folds into a neat little box, and that can play all sorts of games from various consoles. Similarly, in case you thought it was a joke, he actually made a coffee table with built-in arcade controls that you can slide out like a drawer and connect wirelessly to any gaming system.


Seriously, Love’s Creations are wild! Just take a look at his product catalog and see for yourself. If you liked what you saw, and would like to reach out, or maybe place a commission, feel free to email Love at

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